Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Is Your Marketing Missing Its Punch?

It’s common-place for business owners and managers of small and medium size businesses to ignore, avoid or simply not understand the need to create a repeatable marketing engine. Truth be told though, all businesses are doing some kind of marketing.  

You see, all businesses are alike.  We all are in the business of attracting, retaining and getting customers to buy more of our product or service. Some just do it better and more purposely than others.
So wouldn’t it be nice to confidently know just how to attract more customers, retain them longer, and to get them to buy more frequently from you? Of course it would!
Your USP and Guarantee
Two key fundamental elements of your marketing strategy need to be developed and receive ongoing focus in order to have a productive and predictable marketing system in your business. 
A really solid marketing system is grounded on a business’ Unique Selling Proposition (USP) and a Guarantee. We’ve preached repeatedly at our seminars that your marketing and selling must line up with how your prospects decide to buy. 
Study after study reveals that all purchasing decisions are driven by an 80/20 Rule; where 80% of the decision hinges on emotion and only 20% (and often less) on logic.  With that understood, having an outstanding USP and a solid Guarantee contribute significantly to the emotional side of the decision. 
Your prospects and customers not only “want” something of value, they also “want to avoid” making a bad decision. Your USP addresses the “want” (and it has got to be better than your competitors) while your Guarantee targets what customers “want to avoid” by reducing risk.