Thursday, September 22, 2011

Can You Learn Willpower?

A fascinating look at willpower: what it is, how it is "powered" and how we can improve it.  What would a 10% improvement in your willpower do for you?  How many more things could you accomplish, things you know you have to do to improve yourself and your business?

Can You Learn Willpower?
By Laura Vanderkam | BNET | September 22, 2011

We all admire people who seem perfectly in control of themselves. They exercise regularly; they finish projects on time. In a study of one million people, most said that self-control was their biggest weakness. So can people build up their willpower? Or are some people just born that way?

In their fascinating new book, Willpower: Rediscovering the Greatest Human Strength, Roy F. Baumeister, a professor of psychology, and John Tierney, a New York Times reporter, argue that all of us can learn to become better masters of our impulses. We just have to learn that willpower is a muscle, and like all muscles, can be exhausted through overuse, but also trained to be made stronger.

Baumeister, who directs the social psychology program at Florida State University, agreed to answer a few questions on willpower, and how to get more of it.